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Tampa weather can be hard on your roof. How long your roof lasts depends upon a few important factors:

1. The age of the roof — every roofing system will eventually fail due to age, the coverings and the joints won’t last forever.

2. Storms — a single hail storm or extreme high winds can either remove the shingle’s asphalt coating, loosen or even tear off pieces of shingles.

3. Poor workmanship — the quality of the installation is as important as the products themselves. Hastily applied shingles and flashing can lead to leaks within a short period of time.

4. Defective materials — most national brands are good products. But installing defective products purchased on the cheap but a contractor trying to cut some cost corners can lead to failure.

5. Failure to install proper, working gutters and roof ventilation — a gutter system will move water off the roof and adequate ventilation will keep the roof at the same temperature as the outdoor temperature, stopping the roof from premature wear.

6. Abuse or neglect — roofs should be periodically inspected and maintained. Ice jams in the winter or clogged gutters in the fall need to be noticed and fixed before they lead to bigger problems.

When you have a roofing problem, you are facing three potential processes — repair, restoration or re-roofing.

If your existing Tampa roofing companies system needs a little work done on just one section, or on just one element, such as caulking or fixing some flashing that is causing a leak, then you just need some repair work done.

Some companies will do restoration work where they examine and repair many sections of the roofing system including re-flashing, repairing the penetrations to the surface from chimneys and plumbing pipes, and applying coatings to needed areas. Restoration can extend the life of an overall decent roof.

Re-roofing is installing an entirely new roof. In some cases, a new, second layer of shingles may be applied over the existing first layer of shingles. Most Dane County roofing companies will prefer to completely tear off the existing roof and install a brand new one.


Tampa Roofing Contractors


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As a leading provider of roofing services in Tampa Exteriors is able to provide services for all of your residential roofing needs. Our team of highly trained and experience Milwaukee roofing contractors are some of the best in their field. They have been trained by top name manufacturers and organizations in this field that homeowners can trust. From impeccable maintenance and inspections for your home’s roof to beautifully designed and installed roofing that you can be proud of, our services are second to none.
Homeowners often ask why the maintenance services performed by Tampa Roofing contractors are important. These services allow our contractors to perform both physical and diagnostic testing on your entire roofing system to locate areas of damage that may not always be seen. This can include rotting wooden underlayment that can allow water to leak into the home, gullies and seams that are not properly sealed and shingles or other roofing materials that have been damaged due to the harsh weather conditions and winds prevalent in Milwaukee. When problem areas are discovered, our Tampa roofing contractors will be able to provide roof repair in Tampa for these areas, preventing the need for an entire new roof to be installed. The interior of your home will also be protected from the damage that homeowners fear.
For new homes and homes that have old, worn out roofing on their home, our staff of roofing experts will be able to design a roofing system that will provide you with many years of beneficial results. These benefits range from having a home that is visually appealing to saving on expensive energy expenses from lost heat that escapes through the home’s roof. Our Tampa roofing contractors understand that the exact benefits should be based around the most desired results of the homeowner, which is why the homeowner is included in the entire roofing project from start to finish. You will experience service that will amaze you when contacting Tampa Exteriors for your roofing needs.

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Tampa weather can be tough on a building’s roof. Snow-covered roofs can thaw and re-freeze repeatedly, windy weather can lift up shingles and flashing, intense summer heat can wear down exposed shingles, a hail storm can destroy an entire roof in less than a minute, and falling leaves can clog downspouts and gutters, preventing rain from running off the roof properly. So most Tampa homeowners will need to call a good roofing professional some time.

If you think you need some roof work done but you don’t know who to call, here are a few things to ask when choosing a Milwaukee roof contractor.

1. How long has this particular company been in business? Now, just because a company is new doesn’t mean that they won’t do a great job, but a Milwaukee roofing company that has been operating for 20 years is more likely to still be in business 20 years from now than does a roofer that just opened up shop last season.

2. Does this company have the proper licenses and do they have general liability and workers compensation insurance? If a worker falls off your house, you want the roofer’s insurance to pay for it, not your insurance policy.

3. Do they offer references? You want to check with some of their previous customers to get their opinions on the work that was done. Was it completed on time? Was it completed at the price the contract stated? Did they have any related problems?

4. Will they give you a detailed work estimate? Does the total cost on the estimate seem reasonable? Do they specifically put in writing everything they’ve verbally agreed to? Are there warranties?

Choose your roofing company carefully, and then rely on their expertise and advice to help you make the best choices for your home or commercial building. Here are some good companies to consider:

Tampa Roofing Contractors is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and top materials for installation, re-roofing, residential maintenance and emergency repairs for roofing and siding.

Sigma Exteriors provides residential and commercial roofing installations, Tampa Roof repair and maintenance, siding, windows and other services to South Eastern Tampa, including Milwaukee, Jefferson, Kenosha, Waukesha, Sheboygan, Racine, Washington, Ozaukee and Walworth Counties.

F.J.A. Christiansen Roofing is a full-service, well-known contractor that specializes in built-up roofs, modified bitumen, single-ply, metal roof systems, architectural sheet metal, green roofs and all major roof systems.

These companies typically service residents of Mequon, Brown Deer, Germantown, Glendale, Sussex, Whitefish Bay, Pewaukee, Shorewood, Brookfield, West Allis, Wauwatosa, New Berlin, Cudahy, Greenfield, Greendale, Muskego, Hales Corners and Oak Creek, but call the company to make sure.